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The Alliance of Filipino Community Organisations in the United Kingdom

Kanlungan is a registered charity consisting of several Filipino community organisations working closely together for the welfare and interests of the Filipino and other migrant communities in Britain.

It is established to:

1) Advance education and training of Filipinos to enhance their welfare and improve their social conditions;

2) Promote their economic welfare and help alleviate hardship and distress amongst Filipinos;

3) Raise awareness of Filipinos on socio-economic, political and cultural conditions within the Philippines which engender forced migration, in the United Kingdom and Europe, especially in those areas of public life that directly affect them;

4) Build solidarity with migrant organisations of other nationalities and peoples who have similar aims and objectives.

Download: Kanlungan Filipino Consortium's Constitution and By-Laws

Our Member Organisations

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Member organisation - Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants


Kanlungan Filipino Consortium is a founding member organisation of Migrante Europe and a proud member of Migrante International, the global alliance of progressive Filipino organisations.

Kanlungan is also a member of the International Migrants Alliance, the first-ever global alliance of migrants, refugees, displace peoples and their families.

Current Project: Curating the Mind