Re-engaging young Filipinos in the UK


This festival will consist of five workshops that will teach young people about the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines through fun, practical skills learning. The workshops are: cooking, language, music, art and drama. The project is part of a long-term initiative to increase youth participation levels in the community.

All five workshops will follow a similar structure. First, a guest speaker or the facilitator of each workshop will give a presentation about the historical and current developments associated with the workshop and the community as a whole. Second, participants will be taught a skill which they will proceed to use for an outcome that will be exhibited at a showcase in December.


The project is part of a long-term initiative to increase youth participation levels in the community. One of the most important causes pertaining to low levels of participation can be attributed to identity; a dynamic and complex issue affecting young people depending on their socio-economic standing, nativity and citizenship status. Cultural self-identification in migrant youth is heavily affected by different forms of discrimination that many of them experience in their daily life, in school, at work and from among their peers. As a result, many reject their heritage as they face tensions between assimilating into British culture, whilst concurrently being ‘other’. The current tension ignited by the UK’s exit from the EU has worsened the feeling of alienation among young Filipinos in the UK. The project is therefore needed in order to re-engage the youth more positively and at the same time support them in their understanding of a diverse society. It will encourage them to gain confidence in their multicultural identity and open avenues towards becoming active in the community organisations.

In order to address this particular aspect of the lack of youth participation, the workshops will celebrate cultural diversity in a fun and educational environment. They will also provide a platform for young migrants to occupy spaces in which they can voice their opinions on their experience of multiculturalism and share their stories and perceptions of identity with like-minded people. In doing so, the project provides a way to encourage young people to move away from feelings of alienation and apathy on the issues that young people and the community face today.  It will build a foundation from which young migrant voices will be heard, and leaders created.






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