As part of our current programme to empower migrant workers in the UK, we are holding a series offree acting workshops, with funding from Barrow Cadbury Trust and Trust for London, starting 19 April 19, from 10:00AM to 2:00PM at Ground Floor Unit 1.1, Fountayne Business Centre, Broad Lane, South Tottenham, London N15 4AG. This is open for people who are interested and willing to be trained, starting from 13 and up.

These workshops ​will​ ​hope to build​ confidence and provide the participants a safe and open environment away from their work and ​problems​ that they ​encounter on a daily basis, ​allowing them​ to have the platform ​where they can freely express themselves.

Participants will be encouraged​ ​to undertake challenges​ ​that will create a sense of achievement.

​By completing all workshops (there will be workshops scheduled on a monthly basis after April), participants will be ​​equipped with theatre and performance​ skills that they can use to construct and design a play which will be staged at an exhibition to commemorate this year’s International Migrants Day in December. Participants’ commitment to attend all the workshops is crucial in order to meet the desired objectives of the project.

We hope that these training workshops build confidence, leadership skills and develop innovative ways of campaigning for your issues.