108, 2018

“Kamayan” pop-up dinner experience at An Viet

August 1st, 2018|Recent posts|0 Comments

The Filipino dining tradition “Kamayan”, which literally means “eating with your hands” is common way of eating and enjoying food throughout the archipelago, long before the Spanish and Americans introduced cutlery – which Filipinos happily embraced – though only the “spoon and fork.”
The method of dining which dispenses with any cutlery and dishes has been […]

3007, 2018


July 30th, 2018|Recent posts|0 Comments

Two of London’s supper club hosts and passionate Filipino foodies will hold two equally delectable nights of Filipino cuisine and culture in August and September!

2806, 2018

Curating the Mind: Project Site

June 28th, 2018|Events, News and Features, Recent posts|0 Comments

Our project site is now live!

Visit it now!